10 Tips For Entrepreneurs In The Digital Era

Uncategorized Jul 14, 2019

One challenging aspect of being an entrepreneur in the digital era is the unceasing developments that occur across the digital landscape. As an entrepreneur running a business, you’re responsible for keeping abreast ahead of changes in trends, and processes.

For this reason, you need to adopt methods that are guaranteed to give you success, and not follow the conventional way of doing things.

Here are ten tips to follow if you fall into this category;

1.    Avoid business plans with a lot of pages

No one wants to get bored by reading business plans with so many pages. Keep it short, simple, and precise with the vital details that your investor needs to know. In fact, if you can keep it to a page or two, it will push your investors to read your business plan.

2.    Rapid product testing

Long product development cycles are out. On the contrary, what you need to do in this digital age is to run rapid tests on your products. Take a look at the data you have and make adjustments where required. You can repeat this process and improve your product.

3.    Capital based on the success

In this present age, no one injects 100 percent capital into the business. It means that large casual commitments are out. How you inject your capital should be tied to the fulfillment of various metrics. Once you fulfill a metric, go to the next phase of funding.

4.    Keep low cost and variable

Avoid large corporate data centers and high fixed costs that will use up your capital. Use low-cost methods that will give optimal results. For example, there are digital methods that could replace high-cost traditional methods and give a better result while keeping cost low. This will help you shift according to market pressures

5.    Digitally driven Data

In this digital age, analytics have become easier. Make data-driven decisions that help propel your business and save you the cost on needless expenses. Moreover, AI driven predictive analysis can help you find key insights in your gathered data. This will help simplify business process in the long run.

6.    Maintain a small core team

You do not need a large team to get the job done; what you need is a team with talented people that can help deliver success. A large team means more cost. What you need to do is hire the right team for a specific task only. You can choose to hire them again if you want to.

7.    Flexible teams

In this digital age, making use of hierarchical structures stalls innovations and ideas. In place of such structures, use a flat structure that helps spread responsibility, and get everybody on the team to work.

8.    Experiment, learn and pivot as needed

To succeed as an entrepreneur, you must learn how to take risks. However, while taking risks, you need to learn from every step you take and implement lessons learned in your next experiment. Besides, better ideas could spring up from the experiments and replace the original idea.

9.    Utilize content marketing

Paid ads used to be a trend in online marketing. Presently, however, consumers can block ads they don't want to see. About 615 million users around the world had ad-blocking apps.

Although it’s good news for users, it’s bad news for entrepreneurs who depend heavily on ads to market their brand.

Fortunately, you can reach your target audience without being blocked. The secret is content. Consumers love to interact with great content, making it useful on a foundational level.

10.    Agile, connected data

If you're data-driven, then you're efficient. And efficiency is pivotal for managing a successful business. For example, Netflix has over 100 million streaming subscribers. This huge user base lets Netflix collect a large amount of data.  Netflix then uses this data to make decisions and eventually make users more satisfied with their service.

To get the best, you must collect data about all that you do. An agile integrated tech stack where every app interacts and data keeps coming in can help you capture data once. This allows for easy analysis and helps improve business processes so you can lessen wasted time and resources.


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