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Allan is a Serial Entrepreneur and former start-up tech company CEO who, upon handing his tech company off to a new Management team, began participating in start-up and technology meet-ups in his hometown of Austin TX. 

In these meetups, Allan was quickly surprised to discover he had become Digital Obsolete. He did not understand what the people in these meet-ups were talking about - even after three start-ups in the tech space!!! 

Worse, he could not find an online path to catch up. After some painful soul-searching, Allan realized that he had no choice but to create his own path to what he would later call "Digital Savvy." This experience of creating his own Path to Digital Savvy lead Allan to create the course: “A Quick Way To Understand The Digital Age”

“A Quick Way To Understand The Digital Age” was created to help business people, who may have fallen behind Digital Transformation, to catch up! Written to help people of all ages, this course is not a deep dive into tech specs, but a way of grasping - from a business person's perspective - what you need to know about the digital disruption that is all around us and to help you make effective business decisions in a Digital Age.


What People Are Saying About DigElearn

"This is a must for anyone that has been in the business world for a period of time. This helps you continue to be successful in either owning a business, starting a business or progressing in the business world. Excellent job - very impressed Allan!"

Patrick G.
CPCU, CIC, Charlotte NC

"This is a must for ANYONE who wants to keep up to date with the Digital Transformation! I found it makes learning about the Digital Transformation easy. A fun experience for the professional that needs to be up-to-date with the major changes taking place in the world today!"

Karen R
Austin TX

"As a senior, I've felt disconnected to most things Digital. Allan is a great teacher. This great course put my feet back on the ground to play as I now understand the basics and beyond. I am now discussing these topics with the younger generation in an informed and coherent manner. This is more exciting than a successful 4-way bypass. A must for anyone who wants to feel connected to current events. Barry Soble, age 73"

Barry S.
Seattle, WA

Do You Want To Thrive In The Digital Age?

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About Us

Allan Thomas Chiulli - Co Founder

Instructor Allan Thomas Chiulli, author of the best-selling book Winning In The Digital Tornado (2018, 263 pages), after selecting his replacement as CEO of his equity trading fintech company, began to actively engage in Austin TX’s startup and technology scene. However, Allan quickly discovered that he did not understand what the people at these meetups were talking about. He realized that his micro-focus on equity trading technology had led him to miss out on the rapid changes created by digital transformation. Upon searching for and failing to find an online course to bring him up-to-speed on the Digital Age, Allan embarked on a personal research and learning program that resulted in his writing Winning In The Digital Tornado, a book for business people seeking to catch up and thrive in a Digital Age. Allan subsequently founded DigElearn with Yuan Qu to assist with this mission.

Allan has created startups in equity trading, asset management and financial planning, holds 14 U.S. patents, is developing a blockchain and token platform for Wall Street research and is a contributing writer for Retirement Daily. He is a Phi Beta Kappa graduate with a B.A. in Political Science and an M.S. in Geology from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and earned an M.B.A. in Finance from California State University at Long Beach. Allan lives in Austin TX with his wife Bea and enjoys cooking, running and, of course, digital transformation.

Yuan Qu - Co Founder

Yuan is a second generation immigrant, coming to U.S. at an age of 12. After 1 year of college he joined the United States Marine Corps and has served two tours in Iraq and Afghanistan. During the Marines, he pursued the Aerospace Engineering degree from University of Texas at Austin. During his stay his passion for software development led him to join Texas Spacecraft Lab where he worked on NASA, JPL, and Air Force project developing communication software for satellites. After graduating in 2014, he briefly involved himself with Vinveli, a startup he helped co-founding, envisioning the drone cloud concept. Later he joined an Austin technology company developing software for the DoD.

During his stay in Austin. Yuan was always on the lookout for the next opportunity. Through a chance meeting, he met with Allan and quickly decided that what Alan was working on has a great potential and co-founded DigElearn. Yuan is an avid observer of China and brings thought leadership pieces published China and was largely ignore by the West and publishes it in DigElearn.

Yuan’s diverse involvements have taken him across many fields and every time zone on the globe. Always curious and strive to have a firm grasp in the sign of times. He collects stories and narratives regarding technology, believing that technology is simply the how, and once people understand the what, they will able to decrypt the confusing digital age, regain their confidence and be empowered to thrive in the Digital Age.


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